Internship with Abdul El-Sayed for Governor

The Abdul campaign is a movement powered by grassroots volunteers, and our internship program is an indispensable part of that effort. If you’re a student who’s passionate about electing Abdul and wants to be a leader in this movement, consider applying for our internship program.

Internships are part-time volunteer positions that will take on important duties within the campaign and train participants in a variety of campaign skills over the course of a semester. College credit is available. (Check with your school to confirm their requirements.)

Please fill out all the information below to be considered for an Internship with our team!

Intern Requirements:
– Able to commit 5-10 hours a week to the campaign
– Student at a college or university, or a high schooler with car access
– Ready to #DoTheWork #ForOurFuture

This spring we will be accepting interns from all across the state to help us achieve a few goals. First, we want to speak to voters all across the state! We’re going to be knocking doors and making calls to spread Abdul’s message, and empowering thousands of other volunteers across the state to participate in this movement. Second, we want to register students to vote! We can only win if we get students out to vote. And finally, help at townhalls and events across the state.

Interns will attend team meetings weekly, go canvassing (door-to-door or dorm-to-dorm), staff events, help build and recruit for town halls, help organize volunteers, and get a foot in the door to one of the most exciting, progressive campaigns in the country. Interns will also have the opportunity to join specialized volunteer teams dedicated to writing, design, coding, and other specialized areas of work.

If interested, follow the link below:…/1FAIpQLSdJR5veszOP1LZ7AV…/viewform