Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for all day-to-day decisions of the Wayne State University College Democrats. The Board consists of seven students holding one-year terms, who each have essential, specialized roles. In addition, Board Members can appoint other members of the WSU College Democrats to assist in their duties. Each April, members of the WSU College Democrats elect the Executive Board for the next term, which begins at the start of the Spring/Summer semester. To contact a member of the Board, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

2017-2018 Executive Board

Ki Lee O’Brien, President

The president is responsible for overseeing the Board and serving as the face of the organization.

Ki Lee is a senior Honors Pre-Law student who has been with the WSU College Democrats since its inception in 2014. In previous years, she served as Vice President and Secretary, as well as the Vice President of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats. She is a passionate fighter for voting rights, universal health care, and environmental sustainability. Ki Lee’s focus as President is to continue to grow the organization on Michigan’s most progressive campus in order to prepare for the midterm elections in 2018.

Rebecca Jiggens, Vice President

The Vice President oversees committees and assists the president in his or her duties.

Rebecca is a junior Honors Pre-Nursing student pursuing a degree in Public Health and Political Science. She has been with WSU College Democrats since 2015, serving as Secretary and Outreach Director in previous years. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights, elder’s rights, and ensuring access to equitable and quality healthcare for all. Rebecca is working hard to strengthen committees within the WSU College Democrats so more students can get involved in progressive politics.

Casey Somers, Secretary

The Secretary manages recruitment, tracks membership, and records meeting minutes.

Matt Miller, Treasurer

The Treasurer manages fundraising, maintains financial records, and serves as the treasurer of the WSU College Democrats political action committee.

Zoe Pidgeon, Outreach Director

The Outreach Director maintains relationships with other student organizations, as well as progressive organizations and campaigns off campus.

Nilima Khan, Communications Director

The Communications Director oversees social media, the website, branding, press relations, and other forms of communication.

Nilima is a senior majoring in Political Science and Peace and Conflict and minoring in Journalism. She has been with the WSU College Democrats since 2017. She is an activist for racial and gender equality and is currently conducting research to bring an universal education system to lesser-developed countries as part of the United Nation’s milennium development goal. Nilima wants to bring Democrats closer by utilizing social media, which she believes was a key weapon during the 2016 Presidential elections.

Alyssa Mazur, Programs Director

The Programs Director plans and manages all Wayne State University College Democrats sponsored events.