Environmental Action Committee

The Environmental Action Committee of the College Democrats is committed to and seeks environmental justice and progress in the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas. This past year, our focus was on recycling and air pollution in Southwest Detroit, both issues that directly affect Detroit residents and Wayne State students. Through volunteerism and education we seek to make Wayne State and Detroit more environmentally conscious and healthy. In order to do this, members of this committee have been successful in teaming up with environmental groups across campus and Detroit including the WSU Department of Sustainability, WSU’s Geoscience Club, Get Up and Get Green, Student Senate, and the Sierra club.

Activities in the past year included recycling and composting forums, a tour of a local recycling plant, bike tours of green features in the area, and participation in the Recyclemania challenge. In conjunction with other groups on campus, we have also worked with the university to instate more sustainable practices such as adding more recycling bins around the school and proposing to include solar panels in the new residence hall’s construction. Thus far, the committee has been successful in branching out to both the community and other groups to work toward our common goals.

Our goals for the next year include connecting more with the student body. While the committee has established itself with other groups, the next steps include engaging the student body with group activities that will both provide a welcoming environment for students, but also one where they feel they are able to make a difference in improving their own and the school’s carbon footprint and sustainability.