Michigan Federation of College Democrats

The Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD) is a statewide organization that seeks to build and maintain a strong progressive presence on college campuses in Michigan. The WSU College Democrats is chartered with MFCD.


MFCD is a branch of College Democrats of America (CDA), the organization that oversees state chapters throughout the entire country. With over a dozen chapters throughout the state, the MFCD works to “elect Democrats to local and state offices, promote the values of the college constituency, and to foster civic engagement among college students.” The Wayne State University College Democrats is a chapter of MFCD.


The MFCD hosts Fall and Spring conferences each year, where College Democrats from across the state can meet the MFCD executive board, gain political experience by attending trainings and workshops, and partake in discussions about progressive issues. Past programming has included Michigan Democratic Party led trainings about campaigning, panel discussions with elected officials, breakout sessions about social media and branding, and information and advice about running for office. The Fall and Spring conferences typically take place on weekends in November and April, and chapters can volunteer to host them.


Elections for MFCD take place on the Sunday during the Spring conference following a Constitutional Convention. Candidates who would like to run are encouraged to reach out to the current officer who holds that position; their information can be found on the MFCD website. Intent to run forms must be filed by candidates a few weeks before the election date. At the elections, each chapter has three votes per position. For any given position, a chapter may split their votes how they please (e.g. 1 vote for Candidate A and 2 votes for Candidate B), and the election occurs in the order of positions listed in the MFCD constitution. The Executive Board of the WSU College Democrats determines how votes will be allocated at the convention.


For more information about MFCD and its leadership, please visit mfcd.us.