Voting and Upcoming Elections

2018 is a very important election year – we have elections for governor, senate, state senate, and state house.

Elections overview

Elections don’t just happen every four years! Even though most of the media’s attention is on the presidential election, equally important city elections usually occur in off years (2017, 2019, etc.), and congressional elections occur every two years (2018, 2020, etc.).

Presidential elections take place every four years, on even years (2012, 2016, 2020, etc). During the midterm elections, which occur on all even years (2018, 2020, etc), there are races for United State House of Representatives, United States Senate, State House, State Senate, township leadership, and sometimes ballot proposals. In off years (2017, 2019, etc), there are city elections for races such as mayor and city council.

To make matters more confusing, elections are also held multiple times throughout the year. General elections – typically a faceoff between Democrats and Republicans – are in November. Before the general election, primary elections typically occur in May or August. In primary elections, the candidates from the same party compete against each other, and the candidate(s) who receive the most votes proceed to the general election.

Have a question about voting? We’re setting up a hotline to make sure you have all the information you need – please check back here for updates.